Our new Branch in Riyadh is now open

The Zone Mall Gate 3 - Khalifa Ibn Badi - Al Muhammadiyah Dist.

About Us

ADVENTURA is a kids play brand which will be rolled-out over KSA.

The ADVENTURA Kids Play brand focuses on the group of 1 to 8 years old. Within the facility, there are different physical key play elements; children are invited away from Smart phones, TV and Video Games and they discover how it really is to be a child again.

All ADVENTURA Kids Play exist out of toddler play areas, an extensive playground system, arts & crafts and for the bigger areas sand play will be added next to parties sections for birthdays and other parties..

ADVENTURA is Currently located in three cities in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh - The Zone Mall, Jeddah - Red Sea Mall, Ahba - Rashid Mall.


ADVENTURA is built by 3 friends from the air, ocean and the land. We have looked at the animals which are distinct in Saudi Arabia and chosen 3 animals which are suitable to form a mascot.

The selected animals have distinct looks and strong characteristic. Their names have been selected based on their original English or Latin name.

Please meet: Grosbeak, Rita and Iggy Ray. These three animals are now best friends and have decided to create their own safe and fun city by bringing in elements from their worlds and by building their own little creative retro city. They are now inviting all the kids to play in ADVENTURA.

Your party in an Adventura

Have an event or event throw an unforgettable party for them in Adventura


  • - Determine the number of guests and leave the rest to us
  • - Coordination at the highest level of professionalism
  • - Many and varied packages

To contact and know the details



Red Sea Mall - in the dining area

Working hours: 10 AM : 12 PM


Al Rashed Mall - in the dining area

Working hours: 10 AM : 11.30 PM


The Zone Mall - Gate 3

Working hours: 04 PM : 12 AM

Contact us


Red Sea Mall - Dining area

054 084 0809

[email protected]


Al Rashed Mall - Dining area

054 771 1321

[email protected]


The Zone Mall - Gate 3

050 719 0090

[email protected]

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